The Guardians of Eternity Film

Independent filmmakers France Benoit and Kelly Saxberg (of Sheba Films), working with historian and filmmaker Ron Harpelle of Lakehead University, have made a documentary film about the arsenic issue at Giant mine. Drawing from our work on communicating with future generations, the film has documented different local perspectives on the long term impact of arsenic contamination at the Giant Mine site. The film focuses in particular on Yellowknives Dene knowledge of the land around Giant Mine and changes that affected their communities. The film also documents local strategies to warn the future about the site, through traditional knowledge and story passed down through generations. We hope the film will reach an international audience, contributing to everyone’s knowledge of how best to deal with long term toxic waste issues.

For more about the film project and the filmmakers, see the film website and a the “Guardians of Eternity” trailer below:

Guardians of Eternity from Shebafilms Kelly Saxberg on Vimeo.