Community Mapping

Aerial for websiteWhat did the land around Baker Creek look like before gold mining? How did Giant Mine change the land in that area? Using aerial photos and interviews with Yellowknives Dene elders, we hope to re-build a picture of the Baker Creek Valley before mining and highlights its importance for hunting, fishing and gathering. Using maps, photos and memories, we also plan to create a digital “fly-through” of Baker Creek as it was prior to mining, and at various stages of development. We hope to display the fly-through videos online and possibly in museums as a testament to how the Yellowknives remember an important part of their traditional territory. The community mapping project will draw on expertise within the Yellowknives communities and the Geography Department at Memorial University. A Masters student in Geography will take on large parts of the project under the supervision of Professor Arn Keeling. The project will provide crucial insights into the history of  mining in Yellowknife.