CFG Working Group

DSCN7598The Communicating with Future Generations Working Group (CFG) has been established to facilitate information-sharing about the Giant Mine among key stakeholders and the governments managing the site. The focus of the Working Group is on strategies for communicating with future generations about the management needs of the site.  It is an information-sharing and brainstorming body, not a decision-making body. If you want to contribute to the conversation you can do so in our discussion forum.

The role of the CFG is to create a space for members to regularly meet and discuss ideas on communicating with future generations, based on information available from research and other similar sites. It will also host a workshop, creating opportunity for learning and public engagement with the topic. The results of this workshop will be written up as a report. Recognizing that there is a commitment to develop a comprehensive perpetual care plan for the site by the managing governments, the Working Group’s efforts will contribute towards the development of such a plan.

Membership includes representatives from the Yellowknives Dene First Nation, The City of Yellowknife, Aboriginal Affairs And Northern Development (AANDC), the Government of Northwest Territories (GNWT), Alternatives North, the NWT Mining Heritage Society, any other interested party that expresses a desire to participate and whose inclusion is agreed to by existing members. The Working Group is coordinated through the Toxic Legacies Project at Memorial University.

See the minutes of our meetings here.